As Director of Broadcast and New Media Rights at the IOC, Michael Payne oversaw Olympic media rights negotiations to the value of more than $12 billion around the world and, to the value of more than $12 billion, pioneering the multi-games bidding strategy.

In 2003, he managed the tender and negotiations for the US rights to the 2010 / 2012 Olympic Games, won by NBC with its record breaking offer of $2.2 billion.

Prior to leaving the IOC, he oversaw the rights negotiations for Europe, generating a further Euro 700 million. Michael Payne has continued to advise broadcasters and sports rights owners on media rights:, assisting federations and governing bodies to expand their broadcast partnerships, while helping and broadcasters to acquire new properties and consolidate their sports inventory.

More recently at the forefront of the industry analyzing the evolutiuon of the digital community experience on main stream broadcasting; the development of the two screen entertainment environment.

Recent Projects have included:

F1 – UK. After a decade's absence, the return of Formula One to the BBC, acquiring the rights from incumbent ITV, mid contract.
F1 – USA. Acquisition of rights for US Network NBC significantly expanding sports promotion and reach in US.
F1 – Greece. The acquisition of rights for Antenna, Greece's number one commercial broadcaster, from incumbent Alpha.
OLYMPICS – Brazil. Strategic adviser to Globo Media Group resulting in them winning the IOC 2014 / 2016 tender;, making Brazil the third most important global media market for the IOC.On going review of new media strategies evolution of digital environment.
OLYMPICS – Australia.
IAAF – US. Development of a broadcast strategy for the World Athletics Championships 2007 / 2009, leading to a significant increase in coverage, audience levels and profiling of the Championships in the US, through a NBC, Versus, WCSN broadcast package.



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