Michael Payne has been at the forefront of the sports marketing industry for over thirty years. He lead the global marketing effort for the Olympic Movement for more than two decades, from 1983 to 2004, as the IOC's first ever Marketing and Broadcast Rights Director, and now runs his own global strategic advisory group Payne Sports Media Strategies serving a diverse group of clients, and Boards, from Bernie Ecclestone and F1 to Crystal Digital, where he serves as Chairman of their international operations.

Nominated as one of the world's most influential marketeers by Advertising Age, Michael oversaw the development and implementation of the marketing programmes for fifteen15 Olympic Summer and Winter Games.

During his tenure at the IOC, Michael lead the marketing team that would generated in excess of $15 billion in broadcast and marketing revenues programmes, and advised many of the world's foremost corporations on how to use their Olympic partnership to drive business.

In 2003, Michael was responsible for negotiating record-breaking new industry record level media rights agreements with US and European broadcasters to the value of nearly $3 billion.

Throughout his career at the IOC, Michael pioneered various industry programmes throughout his career at the IOC, several unique marketing initiatives: from the creation of the global sponsorship programme TOP; through to the development of the world's first ever sports television archive bureau, OTAB; the 'Look of Games - Image' programmes for the host country and . Other industry innovations included the development of an overall brand management concept for the Olympic Games, which that led to the award winning Celebrate Humanity promotional campaigns. to innovative design and 'look of games - image' programmes for the Host Country.

Prior to joining the IOC, Michael spent a number of years helping to develop and manage marketing programmes for a broad variety of international events. These, including the first World Athletics Championships; the English Test Match Cricket Series and through to the launch of the London Marathon. Prior to that, In the mid 1970s,'s Michael competed on the international ski circuit as a member of the British Team, twice becoming British Professional Freestyle Ski Champion.

In September 2004, following the Athens Olympic Games, Michael resigned from the IOC to found his own global strategic advisory group. He joined the management team of F1, as special adviser to the Chairman and CEO, Mr Bernie Ecclestone. In addition, to taking he took on a number of other senior strategic advisory roles, including that of the successful London 2012 Olympic Bid and Rio 2016 Olympic Bids. Michael continues to consult various Olympic bodies and F1, as well as a cross section of media groups, governments and international corporations on their marketing, broadcasting and media strategies.

His business book, Olympic Turnaround (Published by London Business Press in- June 2005) tells details the business story of how the Olympic Games stepped back from the brink of bankruptcy to become the world's best known brand - and a multi billion dollar global franchise, has earned critical acclaim in the industry and been translated into more than 14 languages, selling over a million copies

Olympic Turnaround has been described by former IOC President, Juan Antonio Samaranch as perhaps 'the most important book ever written on the Olympic Movement'. Michael is a regular commentator on sports marketing industry affairs for CNN, BBC, Financial Times, Bloomberg and other media groups around the world, contributing including regular marketing columns to with Fortune China and Japan's Yomuiri Shimbun.

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