WESTPACK - Educational

A brilliant spot showing how a sponsor takes Olympic values into the community.

VISA - Synchronised Swimming

Always important to be able to make fun at yourself.

TELSTRA (Australian Telecommunications)

The Olympic Games happen because of the work of tens of thousands of volunteers many coming from the sponsors. The value and benefit of internal communications / employee pride is often underestimated. This spot shows the potential.

JOHN HANCOCK (US Life Assurance) - Sarajevo

The contrast of the imagery between the 1984 Sarajevo Olympic Games, and the subsequent destruction of the City a decade later in the Yugoslav civil war, lead to a very poignant and powerful cause related spot.

COCA-COLA - To Sponsor is to Believe

Coke dates their Olympic involvement back to Amsterdam1928. Over the years they have produced some very powerful and emotional Olympic brand commercials. This one works for me because of its sheer simplicity.

VISA - Basketball

Visa repeatedly developed some of the hardest hitting and most effective TV commercials of all Olympic sponsors hitting home their message of card exclusivity at the Olympics.


The Jamaican bob sled team became one of the stories of the 1988 Calgary Olympics. A light hearted look at the training of the team.

MCDONALDS - Future Olympic Hopefuls

One of the first truly great Olympics commercials, already from the 1984 Los Angeles Games. Brilliant in its creativity.

IBM - We Won

The dawn of the Internet in 1998 how new media has changed the face of sport.

WESTPACK (Australian Banking)

Innovative and humorous way to show the skills of athletes through their parents trying out different sports.

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